10 Hot Spots To Get Shoes In NYC Over The Summer

It’s summer time efforts and the living is not hard. So time and energy to shop and acquire a whole new kind of footwear. Nevertheless, you don’t want a typical set of footwear. You need some thingflashy and unique, and attention grabbing. So wither your a local New Yorker or maybe your checking out from away from city here are the greatest spot to discover shoes in NYC.

  1. High quality Good’s 694 Fulton Saint (Btw. Feet. Environmentally friendly Pl & S. Elliot), 718.403.9348 Train: A or C to Layffette Time: 10am-7pm Trying to find Showering Ape? They may have em! Along with a complete number of footwear a lot of people have never observed in america.
  2. Alife Rivington Group 158 Rivington Saint Cross Street: Between Clinton Streets and Suffolk Street 212.375.8128 Train: F to Second Ave Hours: Tues-Sunshine. 12pm-7pm This down-low sneaker location have some SERIOUS kicks that will make you pay out that $300.
  3. Adidas Orginals 136 Wooster St 212.777.2001 Teach: N or R to Prince St. Time: 10am-7pm My Adidas! Your Adidas! Who does’t like Adidas!
  4. Coaching Camp out 6th and 41 AVe Coach: D Train to 42nd. Time: 10am-7pm A large options of sneakers and large styles for those with large ft.
  5. ATMOS 203 Western 125th Neighborhood Workout: A Coach to 125th Saint. Hours: 10am-7pm The right place in Harlem to get challenging and inexpensive to find footwear.
  6. NikeTown 6 East 57th Saint. NY 212.891.6453 www.niketown.com Teach: N or R to 57th Several hours: 10am-7pm The mothership for all those which is NIKE!
  7. Laces 252 Mott Streets 212.334.5457 Coach: , R to Broadway-Layffette Hrs:B and N Monday by visit only, Tues-Friday 10am-7pm. The sole sneaker retail store in the city that’s execlusivly for girls.
  8. KCDC 99 North 10th Road 718.387.9006 kcdcskateshop.com Bust out ya skate board and skate your difficulties out. normally get a great pairk of sneakers right here.
  9. Dave’s Top quality Meats 7 Eastern 3rd away from the Bowery 212.505.7551 Train: F to Bowery Hrs: 10am-7pm You won’t get salamey here but a dope selections of shoes and t-t shirts.
  10. Nort 235 235 Eldridge Neighborhood 212.777.6102 Workout: Places throughout Manhattan Hrs: In case your seeking footwear that you simply won’t see a lot of men and women using then go to this location, 10am-7pm.
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