The Soul Temple of Karawang

The Soul Temple of Karawang, the Oldest Temple in Indonesia from the 10th Century The Soul Temple of Karawang, the Oldest Temple in Indonesia from the 10th Century Jiwa Kerawang Temple is part of Dozens of temples located in a temple complex named Batujaya. The temples are believed to be older than the Gedong Songo Temple in Semarang. In comparison, the Gedong Songo Temple is estimated to have been made by the Syailendra Dynasty in 927 AD. Jiwa Kerawang Temple is part of Dozens of temples located in a temple complex named Batujaya. The temples are believed to be older than the Gedong Songo Temple in Semarang. Batujaya Mosque Complex is located on a 500 hectare land. Because of its breadth, the expanse covers 3 villages and 2 districts. It runs from Segaran Village in Batujaya District to Telukbuyung Village and Telagajaya in Pakisjaya District. Dozens of temples, at the beginning almost disappeared in time. Until the early 1980s, dozens of temples were still buried in the ground. The National Archaeological Research Center then carried out excavations from 1992 to 2000, successfully uncovering long-buried historical relics. The results of the West Java Archaeological Research Center revealed there are 62 temples and a number of relics such as statues, beads, and many other artifacts. There are also relics of Buni culture, such as menhirs, ancient tombs and beads.   The Soul Temple made of bricks stands firmly in the middle of a verdant expanse of rice fields. Residents know the temple by the name of the Soul Temple, because in the past when they put cattle around there, there was always cattle that died without apparent cause. Soul Location of Karawang Temple Jiwa Karawang Temple is located in the Batujaya bath complex, in the Pakisjaya region, Karawang, Batujaya, Karawang district, West Java. This historic location is approximately 70 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta. Jiwa Temple is also located not far from the north coast of Java and is only 500 meters from the Citarum River. Because of the Citarum river the land conditions in the temple complex area are always wet even though the dry season. The temple of the soul is also only located about 15 kilometers northeast of the Cibuaya site, which is one of the Hindu and pre-Hindu religious sites estimated to have been built in the first century AD. Route Towards Karawang Soul Temple although the location of this site is quite far which is about 40 km from the center of the City of Karawang, but the access road to the location is arguably quite good. There are various alternative ways for tourists who want to visit this Soul Temple site.  First by using a private vehicle. If from the Capital City, tourists who use a car can go along the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road then exit at the West Karawang Toll. From there you can turn towards the Tanjung Pura Terminal then head towards Rengas Dengklok. The location of the site about 20 km from Rengas Dengklok. Along the way from Rengas Dengklok to Batujaya, tourists will pass the road that is on the irrigation side. It is rather unfortunate because there are not many signposts that indicate where the Soul Temple is located. Secondly, if you use a tourist motorcycle from the capital city, you can go along Jalan Kalimalang to Cikarang. Not long after the Cikarang Bus Terminal, the motorbike can turn in the Pilar area. Site distance from there about 20 km. In addition to historical relics, the soul temple of Karawang also has quite a beautiful environment to visit If using public transportation, so far no one has reached the front of the site. Public transportation both from Karawang and Cikarang, on average only reaches Batujaya Market which is about 2 km from the site. From there you can ride a motorcycle taxi to get to the location. Opening Hours Karawang Soul Temple The historical attraction of KArawang Soul Temple is open every day. Starting at 8:00 in the morning to 16:00 in the afternoon. Ticket to the Soul Temple of Karawang The entrance ticket price for the Jiwa Kerawang Temple is also quite cheap, which is only Rp. 5,000 per person. Soul Facility of Karawang Temple Facilities and Accommodation Available to support the comfort of visitors, including: Visitor Seats, Motorcycle and Car Parking, Food Stalls and Toilets. Attraction of Karawang Soul Temple History of Invention Batujaya Mosque Complex is located on a 500 hectare land. Because of its breadth, the expanse covers 3 villages and 2 districts Adjacent to Other Temples. Image via: @wonderful__indonesiaku Residents around call Batujaya I or the temple of the soul has a fairly mystical history. From the testimony of residents who inhabited the area near the Temple of the Soul, that there was once unur or a mound of land that covered the temple was passed by a goat. And the goat died for no apparent reason. From there, the surrounding community considered the place to have a “soul”, because not only once, the goat that passed through the channel died without any apparent reason. From other sources say that, the word soul comes from “Shiva” which is one of the gods of Hinduism. This is based on the influence of Sundanese accents that affect the mention of the name Syiwa from time to time so that it becomes the name of the soul. However, this is quite questionable because some discoveries are pursing that the Temple of the Soul is more of a Buddhist relic temple. The History of the Karawang Soul Temple Based on archeological findings, the soul of Karawang is believed to be a temple of Buddhism The discovery took the form of tablets / stone slabs carved with Buddhist reliefs, several types of ceramics, a terracotta inscription that filled the Buddhist mantra, and many more. This shows that this building is one of the Buddhist heritage buildings. This allegation is further strengthened by the architect of this temple shaped like a lotus that allegedly has a Buddhist stupa on it. From a carbon 14 radiometry analysis on artifacts that have been found in the Batujaya Archipelago complex, it is said that the temples in this complex were made in the 2nd to the 12th centuries, including the Soul Temple. This is shown from several inscriptions and Chinese ceramics, votive tablets, and stucco statues found in the Batujaya temple complex. The artifacts have an absolute Chinese calendar and also a written form of palography of the inscriptions found. From several sources above the Soul Temple is estimated to have been built during the Tarumanegara Kingdom. The Soul Temple Temple of Karawang The Soul Temple of Karawang is square in size and measures 19 x 19 meters. While it has a height of around 4.7 meters. It is estimated that this temple faces to the southeast or can also be toward the southwest because there are no doors in the area of ​​this Soul temple. Temple of the Soul has a building that looks like a Lotus Flower. In the middle of the Soul Temple there is a former circular building that allegedly contained a Buddha statue that once stood. And this temple is also not found stairs that strengthen the suspicion that, once the History of the Soul Temple is a temple with a lotus shape on which there is a great Buddhist stupa. After the restoration, this temple does look more enjoyable than before. Seen pata seams (patta) which make up the foot of the temple, semipircular seams (kumuda) and buffer seams (uttara). There is a brick connection at the foot where it is coated with stucco (a thin white layer). From here, perhaps experts estimate that the first temple of the soul was covered with Stucco. Above the foot of the temple there is a circle made of bricks with a diameter of about 6 meters. Where there are waves so that it seems like a lotus flower petals. That said, the Segaran Village was once a lake that was formed by the Citarum River. And the location of the temple is inside the lake. This is evidenced by the name of the village which is Segaran, which in Sanskrit means sea, lake or lake. So from this it can be concluded that the Temple of the Soul was once a masterpiece of the Buddha which was above the lotus flower floating above the waters. In addition to historical tourism, Akrawang also has enchanting natural attractions. One of them is Cigentis Waterfall. Cigentis waterfall at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level has a height of 25 meters. Located at the foot of Mount Sanggabuana so that the air typical of the mountains is very pronounced when stepping foot in Curug Cigentis. The shape of the waterfall is very beautiful with its distinctive green forest scenery. For beach tourism, Karawang Punya Tanjung Baru. Although it is not a white sand beach but the scenery around it is still stunning. Visitors can culinary along the beach while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Besides that the waves are not too big, making this beach safe enough for children to play water. so that’s our little discussion, about the tourism potential and also the History of the Soul Temple of Karawang that we can learn.

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